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  • quote 58.Pink

  • 第一次来,却一定不是最后一次来;


    真的很不错,感觉主人一定是个很温的人。 西西。
    LukeLiu 于 12/29/2008 6:54:06 AM 回复
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  • quote 59.Pink

  • 西西,看东西总是有点意识流

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  • quote 60.梦如寒雪
  • Luke 是准备继续教词根的吧?大概还有多少个呢?
    LukeLiu 于 1/3/2009 8:40:38 PM 回复
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  • quote 61.xiaoli
  • Hi Luke, this is xiaoli. Hoppy is my coworker and my soccer friend. I got his email today,as following. Could you post it to your friends/students? Please vote for his daughter (jozhop). It would be help her to get a job in this tough economy.
    My daughter, Joslyn, is a sophomore at UNL majoring in fine arts and would love to find a job as a graphic art designer when she graduates (just like a billion other kids). Anyway a few weeks back she entered a contest on the PINK Victoria’s Secret website to design a T-shirt. Long story short she was chosen as one of 3 finalists selected out of 33,305 entries. I was skeptical but now it really looks to be for real. The prizes aren’t the greatest but if she was to win (being her dad of course I already think she is a winner) I am guessing it would look good on her resume and give her a leg up on those other billion students (or more likely 33,304) that want to be graphic artists.

    Anyway this is a shameless plug to vote for my daughter. Please go to the following website and vote for jozhop. You can vote once every day from now through March 9th. Of course you will be asked to “sign up” and will probably get some Victoria’s Secret mail. You can probably opt out later but I would understand if you didn’t want to do this. On the other hand you married guys out there can use this as an excuse to sign up and log into the Victoria's Secret website. Just tell your wife you have to weed through all of those models in push-up bras to help Hoppy’s kid get a job in this tough economy. This is the link.

    Joslyn’s t-shirt is the “Pink GraffiTEE” t-shirt that says “LOVE PINK” on it.
    LukeLiu 于 2/25/2009 9:06:53 PM 回复
    Hi,xiaoli,I have voted for your friend, and had sent the message to my 765 subscribes, wish they could help.
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  • quote 62.xiaoli
  • Thanks, tingting's black uncle. I have asked my friend's daughter to write words about why she got the art idea on this design, and will send to you later. BTW, I am in a bussiness trip in Rhode Island, by Boston. Will stay here two months, till April. Thanks again.
    LukeLiu 于 2/26/2009 12:56:33 AM 回复
    Hi, Gemen,a good news that one of my subscriber had voted for her and tell me that she would vote for her every day till March 8. Would you pls tell me your email?
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  • quote 63.earthe
  • luke
    能介绍本好点的关于 希腊文明 的书吗?
    LukeLiu 于 4/7/2009 3:46:08 AM 回复
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  • quote 64.Jack
  • Luke,你好。我根据你博客的风格做了个英语口语网,名字叫做:宁波ICS英语,内容主要以看漫画学口语为主。 你能不能给我的网站做一个友情链接,因为我现在的流量小,PR也小,多谢帮忙哦,谢谢!
    LukeLiu 于 7/27/2009 12:57:52 AM 回复
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  • quote 65.小卡
  • Luke,听说乌鲁木齐暴乱的事了,你和家人都好吧?一定当心啊!
    LukeLiu 于 7/27/2009 12:58:48 AM 回复
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  • quote 66.兔佳佳
  • 看电视乌鲁木齐很乱,你出来报个信吧?希望一切都好。
    LukeLiu 于 7/27/2009 1:00:10 AM 回复
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  • quote 67.Vick
  • 昨天跟Luke通过邮件,目前安好。他暂时没法浏览网站,所以看不到留言。
    LukeLiu 于 7/27/2009 1:00:40 AM 回复
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